Wednesday, September 09, 2020

BLM Beatdown Here Last Weekend

This was here in Salem last weekend. I don't know what transpired before it, but I doubt it was nothing. Did it require this response? The increasing standoffs between leftist groups and right-wing groups is worrying and clearly ramping up lately.


Layzej said...

Rochester police chief and several high ranking officers resign after the force was caught suppressing evidence and filing misleading police reports around the murder of Daniel Prude. Just the latest in a long line of false "first draft" stories by police:

David in Cal said...

David - In Portland, there have been violent riots by left wing ANTIFA and BLM for several months. It seems that you finally noticed when some disgusting right wingers joined in the violence.


J. D. said...

DiC:You don't seem to be aware that right wing groups have been targeting Portland for years. Not only that they appear to have a somewhat friendly relationship with the local police.

Which could be why there is such a poor relationship between the police and left wing groups. I'm not going to defend the left wing groups I think there is a point where protests become counterproductive and I'm against violence from any side. But the building up of Antifa into some enormous threat is done for political gain by the right. Experts say far right groups are a much greater threat.

These right wing groups have become emboldened by Trump's election.