Friday, September 25, 2020

Thomas Friedman Also Expects Trump Delegitimizing the Election and Civil War

Thomas Friedman also has some serious concerns about a second civil war in America and Trump delegitimizing the election. He says he's never been more afraid in his life. Click the picture for the video.


Thomas said...

I wonder if the Atlantic is wide enough to contain the fallout, and I'm not sure if I mean that last word figuratively or literally.

David in Cal said...

I find it hard to believe that Friedman could take this seriously. It is working as a talking point. My wife's cousin Marilyn was almost in tears yesterday at the thought that Trump might stay in office by force, despite its utter impossibility. Marilyn would have voted Democratic in any case, but she's more motivated because of this non-issue.

IMHO the media were going to attack Trump no matter what. If it weren't for this fake issue, the media would have chosen something else for this purpose.


Layzej said...

DiC, at the heart of this is the claim: "The President of the United States has told us ‘Either I win the election or I delegitimize the election.’"

Do you dispute that he said this? Do you dispute that he meant it? It seems to me he's already sowing the seeds.

What reaction should we expect from his base if they truly believe that the election was stolen?

I won't pretend to know how this will play out, but his actions seem beyond irresponsible.

David Appell said...

With $421 M in debt coming due over the next four years, it may be that Trump literally can't afford to lose the election. He's been making some coin as people seeking favors sidle up to his hotels and golf courses, and as he charges the Secret Service for staying on his properties to protect *him*, so at least this is some cash flow. Plus who knows what other deals his minions are making on the side promising some extra attention from the administration.

This is why we have the emoluments clause and why presidents are supposed to put their assets in a blind trust. Trump said he would turn over his businesses to his sons and have nothing to do with them, but of course he lied about that as he lies about everything.