Thursday, December 03, 2020

Now A Trump Lawyer Calls For Martial Law

Isn't this treasonous??


Entropic man said...

You may know the concept of the illegal order, one which a soldier should refuse to obey and which should not be given.

An order to establish martial law and run an election under military supervision would violate the Constitution.

No rational Commander-in Chief would give such an order and his chain of command would not obey it.

David in Cal said...

Calling for martial law is protected by the 1st Amendment. If the President tried to establish martial law, that would be appalling, but it's not treason, because it doesn't involve supporting an enemy.

BTW a number of Governors have established something close to martial law with their unilateral restrictions and orders, in their efforts to fight covid.


David Appell said...

You're right David. It's sedition, not treason.

Why would martial law be needed for a revote? For that matter, what in the Constitution allows the president or Congress to authorize a revote?

David in Cal said...

I don't think the President ha the power to authorize a revote. Nor does Congress IMO. States have the power to act if the original vote is so bad that one simply doesn't know who really won. But, I am no lawyer.


Thomas said...

DiC, people have been sentenced to prison in USA just for being members of a communist party, because the supreme court decided that being a communst meant that you wanted to overthrow the government, no further evdence was needed. Back in 1949 even their defence lawyers were thrown in jail. Don't overestimate what the 1st amendment allows, or that is worth more than the paper it's written on, but gven the republican control of the supreme court, I guess right wing extremists are pretty safe right now.

Alizaii said...

You're right David. It's sedition, not treason.
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