Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Trump Nearly Gets Someone Killed

"HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A former Houston Police Department Captain was arrested and charged for running a man off the road and pointing a gun at his head in an attempt to prove claims of a massive voter fraud scheme in Harris County, according to a news release from the Harris County's DA's office....

"According to court documents, Aguirre told police that he was part of a group of private citizens called the "Liberty Center," who were conducting a civilian investigation into the alleged ballot scheme.

"According to Aguirre, he had been conducting surveillance for four days on a man who was allegedly the mastermind of a giant voter fraud scheme. Aguirre told authorities the man was hiding 750,000 fraudulent ballots in a truck he was driving.

"Instead, the victim turned out to be an innocent air conditioner repairman, court documents said.

"Aguirre ran his SUV into the back of the truck to get the technician to stop and get out, according to court documents.

"When the technician got out of the truck, Aguirre pointed a handgun at the technician, forced him to the ground and put his knee on the man's back until police came, the court document said.

"Aguirre allegedly directed police to a parking lot nearby where another suspect, who has not been identified, took the truck.

"According to court documents, there were no ballots in the truck. The truck was filled with air conditioning parts and tools.

"Aguirre allegedly never told police that he had been paid a total of $266,400 by the Houston-based Liberty Center for God and Country, with $211,400 of that amount being deposited into his account the day after the incident.

"The case was investigated by HPD, and is being prosecuted by the Public Corruption Division of the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

"Aguirre's claims of election fraud were found to be baseless after thorough investigation by HPD and by the Harris County Precinct 1, as part of the Harris County Election Security Task Force.

"He is currently in jail on a $30,000 bond."


David in Cal said...

Statistical Model Indicates Trump Actually Won Majorities in Five Disputed States and 49.68 Percent of the Vote in a Sixth



Entropic man said...

And Judge Gath the Philistine scored the fight 39-38 to Goliath.🙃

Layzej said...

Errr. You don’t need a statistical model to determine the outcome of an election. You just count the votes.

Nate silver has no shortage of statistical models 99% show Biden should have won with a much greater lead... but that’s not how elections work.

thefordprefect said...

David in Cal said...
Statistical Model Indicates Trump Actually Won Majorities in Five Disputed States and 49.68 Percent of the Vote in a Sixth
Just think no longer a need for an election costing billions. Just use a statistical algorithm and return the same idiot time after time. Where does such stupidity originate.

Entropic man said...

Who's paying this vigilante?

It would be interesting to know who is financing these private armies?

People lose faith in democracy and government, as seems to be happening on your Right.

In such circumstances it might seem wise to make other arrangements.

The original intention of militias was to fight off we British. Now they may be used against the federal government.

Entropic man said...

Here we are.


Aguirre's paymaster is a Right wing activist called Steven Hotze who runs a Houston-based group called the Liberty Center for God & Country.

David Appell said...

a Houston-based group called the Liberty Center for God & Country

You'd think God could well handle his own problems without needing a Center to intercede on his behalf.

Layzej said...

I'm starting to doubt His motives...

IanR said...

DinC's statistical model debunked in simple language: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua5aOFi-DKs

Thomas said...

Since election fraud is such a pupular topic. Here is another story about potential fraud: