Friday, June 23, 2006


Usually I assume that people are nicer in person that in print. In print you're trying to get attention and trying to make a unique point and the tendency is to come off a little forceful. I think I probably do.

I assumed the same was true for Michael Fumento.... So I was running around town this morning doing some errands and listening to Al Franken's radio show. They had Fumento was on -- he just returned from an embedding in Iraq. My God, he is even worse on the radio! You'd think he was the only journalist who ever went to Iraq. I only caught his segment for about two minutes, but during that time he was pompous, combative, egotistical, and simply an all around jerk to his hosts. It was like getting smacked in the face, he was trying so hard to be forceful. It's not easy to make such a strong impression in a mere two minutes, but he succeeded in spades.

Oh yeah, he also has a funny, high voice, kind of like a cartoon character.

I can't imagine why Al Franken thought he needed to have someone like him on his show.


fumento said...

I'd suggest that if you have to resort to impugning the sound of a person's voice in order to attack him, you don't have much to work with. And I see nobody links to your site. Gee, wonder why?

See in Ramadi?

David Appell said...

Right on cue....