Tuesday, June 20, 2006


As you've probably always suspected, the large egotists in America aren't really that far away from the large egotists in other less desirable parts of the world:
See, if I'm president, I've got probably another 50-60,000 with orders to shoot on sight anybody violating curfews. Shoot 'em on sight. That's me. President O'Reilly, curfew in Ramadi, 7 o'clock at night. You're on the street, you're dead. I shoot you right between the eyes. OK?

That's how I'd run that country -- just like Saddam ran it. Saddam didn't have explosions. He didn't have bombers, did he? Because if you got out of line, you're dead.

Now, is that the kind of country I want for Iraq? No. But you have to have that for a few months to stabilize the situation so the Iraqi government can get organized, can get security in place and get the structure going. So, any area that is giving you trouble, you have a 7-to-7 curfew. And you can't come out of your house. That's it. And if you do, we shoot you. That's how you control it. All right?

...you gotta get serious about this thing over there. The curfews work. You shoot on sight. That's it. And if the Italian press doesn't like it, tough. The New York Times doesn't like it? Too bad. War is a performance business.

This is why you should be thankful you live in the West. Here, our egotists merely rise to riches. There, they rise to murderers. But don't think the line isn't a thin one.

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JamesB said...

Good Lord.

Here, our egotists merely rise to riches.

I'm not so sure about that... did you watch Frontline last night?