Saturday, June 17, 2006

Polar Bears

A group of 30 scientists is urging the Fish and Wildlife Service to list polar bears as endangered, due to global warming and the loss of Arctic ice. Signers of the letter include Mike Mann and Stefan Rahmstorf of RealClimate. Recent reports have polar bears resorting to cannibalism because their food sources, seals, are becoming more difficult to find. As usual, it's difficult to imagine anyone in the Administration who gives a shit. On the other hand, it seems like the kind of crusade you could get about N million schoolchildren behind.

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Hans Erren said...

two days left for the polar bear population update deadline

"Population status reviews
The populations, delineations and abundance estimates were all reviewed at the 14th meeting in Seattle in June 2005. This material will be finalised during fall 2005, and made public at this website and in the proceedings from this meeting in spring 2006. Until then you will still find the old status map, table and reviews below."