Thursday, June 22, 2006

"my eyes start to get heavy"

An environmental journalist named Lou Bendrick wrote a piece for Orion (apparently she also writes for Gristmill) in which she says
Let me cultivate my personal female mystique by disclosing that I am the environmental media and I also loathe the environmental media. Just say “photovoltaic” and my eyes start to get heavy; start in about polar bears drowning and I have to go to the happy place in my head that involves ponies, chocolate, and George Clooney.
I see this kind of attitude on a science writer's list I'm on--science journalists who admit they're math phobia. If I were afraid of mathematics, or if I were an environmental journalist who can't deal with photovoltaics, I would at least be ashamed enough not to admit it. And people wonder why science journalism isn't all it should be.

(Via Gristmill)


jre said...

Actually, that piece is in Orion magazine, not The Onion.


For a moment there, I was afraid that one of my favorite science writers had mistaken satire for earnest reportage. Hey -- it happens (comment #1).

David Appell said...

Fixed, thanks.