Monday, June 26, 2006

Picking on the NY Times

Look at these revolting images at that accuse the New York Times of treason for publishing the story about the US government's warantless gathering of American's bank data. Notice how they hypocritically fail to blame the Wall Street Journal, which published the same story at the same time (as did the Los Angeles Times). I guess they think it's OK if your politics skew correctly, treasonous if they do not. These idiots don't seem to realize that right after the jackboots come to shut down the NYT, their precious little reactionary blogs will be unplugged very soon thereafter.

Fox News is apparently guilty of the same biased, selective reporting.

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JamesB said...

RawStory looks at the response from Posters on the Free-Republic message board:

A small sampling...

"I can only hope I get to see the video of Sulzberger's beheading! :)"

"String em up, right next to Murtha's sad carcass."

"They need to hang for this, but it's not PC for me to type this in RESPONSE to their treason."

hmmmm, where have I heard this before? Oh yeah! I remeber:

"My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times building." - Ann Coulter, (08-26-02)
(Later, asked if she regretted saying this, Coulter replied, "Of course I regret it. I should have added, 'after everyone had left the building except the editors and reporters.'")

It would be funny... except that it's not.