Sunday, June 11, 2006

More AIT Dumbness

More dumbass pontification from popular writers trying to write about An Inconvenient Truth. Last week I highlighted Kyle Smith's hallowed words, where he blamed global warming on either lead in gasoline or on smog. Now it's the turn of Chris Gardner of Variety magazine, who seems to think there is a direct connection between global warming and ozone loss:
"Considering that the Al Gore-toplined docu "An Inconvenient Truth" details the Earth's declining state of being, it's only fitting that those associated with the pic try to keep their ozone-depleting ways in check."
I don't know why it's any more imperative that Gore be carbon neutral than any of the other billions of people on this planet, especially any of the millions of elites who burn far more carbon than is their share. But writers who want to criticize them--or Gore--should at least get their science right. You can write Gardner at .


jre said...

Shouldn't that be "More AIT Dumbness"?
Or am I missing something?

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