Friday, June 23, 2006

Hockey Stick Followup

Ray Bradley on yesterday's NAS report:

"The hockey stick is alive and well," said Bradley, director of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Climate System Research Center. He said the original research paper was never meant to be taken as absolute and even included the words "uncertainties and limitations" in its title. "Nothing changes the general shape."

On the other hand, Joe Barton (R-TX) is apparently still pretending like he has something useful to say on the matter:

A spokesman for Barton said a separate group of statisticians recruited by his energy committee was still examining the 1998 study. Barton spokesman Larry Neal said "all we want to know is whether the numbers add up."
I think we all know how Barton does his arithmetic.


Peter Hearnden said...

David, any idea who the 'separate group of statisticians' are?

David Appell said...

Peter, no I don't. Maybe I'll make a call to Barton's committee, though I doubt they will tell me anything.