Friday, March 27, 2020

Bill Gates Is Not Encouraging

Here's Bill Gates on CNN telling us that we're screwed -- I can't believe the US can meet the Wuhan-like restrictions he says are necessary until perhaps the end of May.

I realize he's not an epidemiologist or even a scientist, but he's smart enough to be one and surely has a lot of experience in this kind of thinking due to his Foundation.
Random question: would it have been better to tax Gates heavily throughout his career, a la what Bernie Sanders advocates, or let him earn (but tax as he was) so he could do good things with his money, like establish the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that's vaccinating the developing world?


Balázs said...
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Balázs said...

The answer is obvious: tax him. And remember the anti trust investigation cc 20 years ago when he pretended to be unaware of how Microsoft had forced itself to the customers and how it had reaped the profits of being a monopoly. I can remember one of your posts about buying a new laptop that turned out to be essentially useless because of the shitty software Bill and his company had given to you. Our Billy is not stupid, that's true, but he is unscrupulous.

David Appell said...

Balázs - I hear you. And I'm also aware that, AFAICT, few billionaires do the kind of good Bill Gates is doing with his money. They buy yachts and race in the America's Cup. Has Larry Ellison anything with his billions?

The thing is, though, governments never seem to do those kind of good things with the tax money they would collect, viz strong international public health programs.