Saturday, March 21, 2020

Forget About That Hitch?

The numbers today aren't good. Since 6 am PT this morning, the US has already seen an increase of 6,120 cases -- which will be the largest daily increase so far.

There's still 13 hours to go, but of course there isn't the same reported new case rate overnight. From 6 pm yesterday to 6 am today (PT), about 280 cases were reported. The same number tonight would make a total increase of 32% in one day.

40 deaths so far today, which is about average.

It's strange that that seems an improvement over a 40-50% increase.

You probably saw that Italy reported 793 deaths in one day. Here are some death rates as of yesterday. Click to enlarge.


Ned said...

Yep, that's what I said in the previous thread. We're still following the same exponential growth curve.

Yesterday's jump seemed slightly smaller than expected, but that was just because the previous day's was slightly larger than expected. The net effect is we're still on the same path.

David Appell said...

Ned, sorry, I'm behind on comments.

Ned said...

No need to apologize, I take advantage of your hospitality and post too many comments.

David Appell said...

No, again, you don't post too many comments. Your comments are always full of good stuff, so again, please comment as much as you want and don't feel guilty about it. More information is always better.