Sunday, March 15, 2020

Covid-19: Comparing US and Italy Per Capita

This comparison is better, I think -- US cases per million population compared to Italy's cases per million 16 days earlier (the closest match I could find). The numbers are low so not on a firm trend perhaps, but I'll follow it and see how it goes. Given Italy's more elderly population, perhaps we shouldn't expect a good match separated only by time.


David in Cal said...

It is frightening to think that the US might just follow Italy's pattern with a 16 day delay. We are now doing a lot. I hope we're doing enough.


Layzej said...

I hope so too. It's a tricky problem. Canada has 350 cases today. We won't see dividends for another two weeks on the actions we take today. By that time we'll have 24,000 cases. That's as many as Italy has today, but Italy has almost twice the population.

It looks like we may have been too late to respond.

Entropic man said...

The President is like the Captain of a ship, responsible for everything that happens under his command.

That even applies when the 3rd officer rams a rock while the Captain is asleep in his bunk.

Perhaps President Trump should sit out the sign one of his predecessors kept on his desk.

The Buck Stops Here!

DocRichard said...

I wonder if the explosive epidemic in Northern Italy is due to large numbers of Chinese tourists visiting Venice and Florence?