Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New Cases in Peer Countries

From Paul Waldman in the Washington Post:
Here are new case totals from Monday for a few of our peer countries:

France: 580
UK: 564
Spain: 546
Germany: 365
Canada: 299
Japan: 259
Italy: 200
Australia: 158
South Korea: 52

And the United States? 55,300.
No, these aren't per capita. But making them per capita won't make much difference. The US response has been a joke, pathetic, laughable, tragic. Why? Trump. The worst pandemic in a century comes along, and we have Trump. It has to be a cosmic joke.

Trump voters may yet get us all killed. And that's not a joke.


Entropic man said...

Sobering viewing.


David Appell said...

Thanks, that's a very informative video. Depressing if you're an American -- it's not clear how this ends here.

Layzej said...

Canada has done a horrible job of keeping the virus out of old age homes. At one point, 82% of our deaths were in long term care facilities. This is probably the largest contributor to Canada's poor death rate.

In canada 8.33% of outcomes resulted in death. That's a terrifying number. In the USA it is only 7.21%. In UAE it is 0.68% and India it is 3.73%.

I heard someone suggest another factor that may play a role. People live longer in Canada than any of those other countries.

Population >= 65 years of age in each country:
Canada: 18%
USA: 16%
India: 6%
UAE: 1%

The larger vulnerable population in first world countries must also play a role in the fatality rate.