Wednesday, July 29, 2020

US CO2 Emissions Hit Record Low

Meanwhile, US CO2 emissions for April were the lowest since modern record keeping began by the EIA in 1973:


Entropic man said...

Good news from the US.

I wonder how this links to the decline of coal?

David Appell said...

I think I have a graph of that I'll try to post. But this big dip is surely the result of shutdowns due to the pandemic, and a decrease in driving (which is already coming back to near normal). Once everything reopens again (if that every happens!?!?) it will pop right back up again.

TW said...

And achieved so efficiently, too! Only 40 million people had to lose their jobs to get this 1/3 reduction in emissions. Just think. If we throw 80 million Americans out of work, we could get a 2/3 reduction. Want to try that?