Friday, October 30, 2020

Attn: David in Cal

Attention David in Cal: 

 You wrote the following about me: 
David Appell might say that criticizing black American culture is automatically racist. All cultures are equally valid, according to many liberals. I disagree with that POV. 
This is a very low accusation, as is sometimes the way with you. I doubt I ever wrote this. You can either prove I wrote this, by quoting me with a link, or withdraw your claim. 

All your future comments on other topics will be deleted until you do. This is what I've decided is necessary.

You often make outrageous statements here and, when challenged, roll up into a ball and ignore the challenges. It's time you finally show some fortitude and stand behind your claims, especially when they denigrate others here. Or apologize. 

I've said when I was wrong. (And this link was hardly the only time.) Unsubstantiated personal accusations have no place here.

I'm serious.

PS: I really don't want you to leave this blog -- I appreciate your alternate POV. But I don't want you to make up lies about people either.


David in Cal said...

David -- since you denied it, of course I withdraw the claim. What I meant was that some liberals believe that all cultures are equally valid. If I were to say that American Caucasian culture is superior to black culture, some liberals would find that statement to be racist.


David Appell said...

David, if you had no evidence I wrote what you claimed, why did you write it?

David Appell said...

What does “valid” mean in the context of a culture?

David in Cal said...

David - I said you might believe that because many liberals do.

The word "valid" means nothing. It was a poor choice of a word by me.


David Appell said...

OK, thanks David.

What are you thinking tonight about tomorrow?