Monday, October 05, 2020

Do You Feel Lucky, America?

Our Sociopath-in-Chief is a goddamn lunatic who is utterly incapable of thinking of anyone but himself.

The lying to Hannity, the going to New Jersey when he knew he had been in close personal contact with an infected person (Hicks), the fake photographs and signing a blank piece of paper, making his doctor's lie to the press about his condition, the pathetic joy ride yesterday past a crowd on the highway and disregard for his security's health -- still not enough damage done, apparently. Now he tweets this madness:

Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life. I feel better than I did 20 years ago! So, so terrified of showing even a tiny human worth of vulnerability or weakness. Such an misunderstanding of the character of a leader. 

There's nothing he won't say if he thinks it helps him get reelected.

If there's nothing to fear, why are there over 209,000 deaths in the US? Trump doesn't think to ask -- it's all about him. Don't let it dominate your life. So apparently don't worry about catching the virus, possibly dying, or suffering lingering heart issues, lung issues, brain issues, and more. Trump would rather pretend all is well for the sake of his own reelection. Feels better than he did 20 years ago. Sure.

This is infuriating. He has ignored and lied about the pandemic from the start, and now has clearly learned absolutely nothing and lies even more. 

This is infuriating. Trump is already responsible for...tens of thousands (?) of deaths, and this nonsense will cause even more.

He doesn't recognize that not everyone has a 30-person medical team treating him or access to the latest therapies or a White House that is set up for everything he would need in a hospital. He's merely switching beds. Fred Kaplan at Slate:
On Sunday, as he stepped out of his suite at Walter Reed Medical Center, where he’s being treated for the coronavirus, President Donald Trump made one of the most unwittingly revealing remarks in his entire term in office. “I’ve learned a lot about COVID,” he told reporters, then added:

Apparently, the deaths of more than 200,000 Americans, the infection of 7 million, the many briefings from the nation’s most prominent health specialists, the profound toll that the virus has taken on every aspect of life worldwide—none of this made much of an impression.* It was only when he caught the bug, sweated with fever, gasped for air, and suffered who knows what other sensations we haven’t been told about, that he realized COVID-19 was “a very interesting thing.”
Real doctors keep saying they're utterly mystified:
The talk of the president’s release from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center came as Conley and two other physicians treating Trump gave an upbeat but incomplete characterization of his condition. Outside doctors said they were mystified by what they said was an inconsistent portrayal of the president’s illness as relatively mild despite the aggressive mix of treatments he is getting....

Robert Wachter, chairman of the University of California at San Francisco’s department of medicine, said any patient of his with Trump’s symptoms and treatment who wanted to be discharged from the hospital three days after their admission would need to sign out against doctors’ orders because it would be so ill-advised.

“For someone sick enough to have required remdesivir and dexamethasone, I can’t think of a situation in which a patient would be okay to leave on day three, even with the White House’s medical capacity,” Wachter said.

“Absolutely not,” William Schaffner, a professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University’s medical school, said of the idea of sending Trump back to the White House on Monday.

Medical consensus has emerged that covid-19 patients are especially vulnerable for a period of a week to 10 days after their first symptoms. Some patients who seem relatively healthy suddenly deteriorate, either because of the virus itself or an excessive immune response that can cause damage to several organs, including the heart.
The New York Times reports:
Nearly One-Third of Covid Patients in Study Had Altered Mental State: 
The hospitalized patients showed signs of deteriorating neurological function, ranging from confusion to coma-like unresponsiveness, new research indicates.
Do you feel lucky, America? 


David in Cal said...

Apologize for hijacking, but this article strikes me as terribly important. It presents a realistic picture of policing today.

Life on the Streets: A Cop Confesses What Policing Is Like in the Age of BLM/Antifa


David Appell said...

It's pretty well known that police are biased in favor of right-wing activists and against left-wing activists.

David Appell said...

Anonymous source on a conservative blog....

She/he writes, ...endure the optics of Revolutionary Communists (read: ANTIFA/BLM)

What says they're communists?

David, why do you think this article is important?

David in Cal said...

It's important because weakened police protection harms people in high crime neighborhoods, who need police protection. The poorest and most vulnerable Americans are harmed by policies that hamper police protection. Thousands more black Americans will be murdered because of reduced police protection.

It's also important as a contrast to the ignorant blather of the BLM demonstrators. Misdiagnosing the cause of problems of the underclass leads to policies that are wasteful and ineffective. In some cases, misdiagnosis leads to policies are actually counter-productive.


David Appell said...

Poor neighborhoods are by far where the most police brutality occurs. Also, I would think, the least police patrolling per capita - otherwise why are those areas high-crime areas in the first place?

David Appell said...

Anyway, thanks for posting that article, David. Maybe others have some thoughts about it.

Thomas said...

Yet another victory to celebrate for the great leader:

Entropic man said...

I watched Donald Trump's return to the White House yesterday evening.

He climbed the steps and took off his mask. He crumpled the contaminated mask in his hands, put it in his pocket, and then walked into the White House contaminating everything around him.

Bal√°zs said...

If it was North Korea (or any other "enemy"), the press would be full of BS masquerading as news like "They are showing a Trump double" and "in reality Trump is dying" etc.

J. D. said...

Just another normal day in America. Six white nationalists arrested for planning to kidnap the Governor of Michigan. I wonder if their defence will be that the President encouraged them when he tweeted liberate Michigan.

Two conservative activists have been charged with orchestrating a series of robocalls in an attempt to suppress black voters.

A Republican senator said the quite part out loud when he tweeted,
"Democracy isn't the objective; liberty, peace, and prospefity (sic) are. We want the human condition to flourish. Rank democracy can thwart that."

Trump had another deranged rant on Fox News today where amongst other things he criticized the Attorney General for not locking up his opponents.

But apparently it's the" fake news" that's a threat to democracy for reporting the things they say and things that they do.

David in Cal said...

The anarchists who plotted against the Governor of Michigan are Trump's enemies. They HATE Trump.


J. D. said...
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J. D. said...

The anarchists who plotted against the Governor of Michigan are Trump's enemies. They HATE Trump.

Yes far right media are using the excuse that one of the arrested men said in a YouTube video "Trump is not your friend". He seems to hate anyone connected with government. The trouble is that at least some of the rest of them have left an online trail of support for Trump. One of them talks about being inspired by Trump.They also seem to be aligned with the far right, white nationalist, Boogaloo boys.

I really don't know why you go to this extent to defend Trump David. He has continually encouraged these people. Apart from tweeting "LIBERATE MICHIGAN", he called them very good people when they invaded the state capital with assault rifles and told Whitmer to do a deal with them.

As James Mattis said, he is the first president in his lifetime who seeks to divide rather than unite.