Sunday, October 25, 2020

Proud Boy Repeatedly Flashes White Supremacist Symbol at Trump Rally

Here's a man in a Proud Boys hat at Trump's recent rally in Florida repeatedly flashing the white supremacist "OK" hand sign. He's wearing a white shirt/sunglasses/black hat with a yellow logo, just to the right of Trump from our point of view:
Here's a close-up of his hat
which matches the Proud Boy logo you can see amongst this image page of them, such as this:


Thomas said...

1. Why do you let hite supremacits hijack a well known symbol?
2. Who cares if there is an anonymous supporter behind Trump who is making a gesture? When Trump use his dogwhistles it's news, not something like this.

David Appell said...

Re #1: What can you do?

Re #1: That was mostly directed at David in Cal, who says the Proud Boys aren't white supremacists.

Thomas said...

#1 You recently posted a brilliant response to the #proudboys tag. If some group tries to steal a symbol, you take it back. It only works if everyone else is so scared to use the symbol that the new meaning becomes dominant.