Saturday, October 03, 2020

Was This The Republican Superspreader Event?

Here's a picture from the Rose Garden announcement at the White House last week announcing the president's choice of nomination to the Supreme Court vacancy. Except for the press, who you can see sitting/standing in the back, these would be almost all Republicans, if not 100% Republicans:

Maybe 10% have a mask on. Maybe. These are the idiots running the United States. What else can you call this but a cult? 

TMZ also has video from the aftermath of the announcement, showing people mingling:

You can see several people who now have the coronavirus -- Chris Christie, Kellyanne Conway, Senator Mike Lee. All older, all at serious risk if they get COVID-19. They shouldn't even have been there. 


Entropic man said...

There's a useful photo here showing where the positives were sitting.

J. D. said...

Aside from his superspreader events there is also the misinformation he has spouted since the beginning. A Cornell University study found "that the President of the United States was likely the largest driver of the COVID-19 misinformation ‘infodemic,’”