Sunday, October 18, 2020

Temperature Variations During La Ninas

Here's a very interesting depiction of temperature variations in the US during the last 14 strongest La Ninas, going back to 1925. It's difficult to find a pattern -- variations are all over the map (ca-ching). 
Check out the replies to the tweet. One notes that Alaska is usually cool. Also note that, surprising, La Nina stops at the US-Canadian border. If you find any patterns, let us know.

So far, this autumn has been a moderate La Nina. Generally that means depressed global mean surface temperatures, so 2020 may not quite surpass 2016 as the hottest year.

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Entropic man said...

The back of my envelope tells me that to exceed the GISS 2016 temperature record (1.02C) the average temperature anomaly for October,November and December must exceed 0.93C.

Since the average for the last four months was 0.90C, a new record is looking less likely