Thursday, October 22, 2020

Wow, Joe Really Gets It

One of the biggest, most significant, most courageous statements ever made by a major American politician:


Entropic man said...

The oil will be running out in forty years or so anyway, regardless of who's in charge.

TW said...

The line that lost him Pennsylvania.

David Appell said...

That'd be a shame, because everyone knows what he said is true, even the oil industry.

Right now 538 has Pennsylvania as a toss-up:

(scroll down to the ribbon)

The Hill says Biden is leading in PA 52-44, but they don't say when this latest poll was taken:

David Appell said...

But this latest PA poll has Trump at +2

TW said...

Of course what he said is true. He said, "I will transition away from the oil industry." That means, if he wins, if he gets to make the decision, he will transition away. Of course that's true. I believe it's true.

So will a lot of people, and because he made this "Kinsley gaffe" a lot of people are hearing about this who aren't closely following Biden's policies. Biden's website says electrical generation will be transitioned away from fossil fuels by 2035, 15 years from now.

That's why he won't win PA.