Friday, October 30, 2020

Trump: Doctors Get More Money if Someone Dies of COVID

Imagine you're an ER doctor, or a doctor who works in an ICU, or one who deals with infectious diseases. You've been struggling with COVID-19 since February, which has often, frustratingly, frighteningly, meant a shortage of PPE for you and your residents and students and your nurses. You've worked overtime, and then double overtime, and then triple overtime, so you often sleep in the hospital and have barely seen your family for several months. You've lost 15 pounds. So many of your patients have died you're in a daze and can't remember any of them. You honestly don't know why you yourself aren't infected -- it hardly seems possible. Your exhaustion is far beyond anything you ever experienced as a resident. You pass friends and colleagues in the hallway like ghosts. You're experiencing heart pains for the first time in you're life but can't take the time out for tests. 

And then the President of your country says this, and the people listening to him laugh:

Question: How exactly do you feel?

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