Tuesday, April 29, 2014

AGU Journals to Become Freely Available(*)

(*) except for the last 24-month's worth of papers, on a rolling basis.

The American Geophysical Union says:
Washington, D.C.— The American Geophysical Union (AGU) and Wiley today announced that, starting 1 May, all AGU journal content from 1997 to content published 24 months ago will be made freely available. This change will apply to all articles and supplementary materials from journals that are not already open access, as well as AGU’s weekly newspaper, Eos. It currently represents more than 80,000 journal articles and issues of Eos.  Additional content will continue to become open every month, on a 24-month rolling cycle.
This includes a lot of good journals, such as GRL, JGR, EOS, and more, and, to the extent that science and rationality still play a part in the debate over climate change, should be useful to everyone.

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dave said...

Thanks! That's great news for us amateur explainers, and moves science towards the same accessibility as contrarian misinformation.

Should also help journalists to link from their articles to the original research where it's available under this scheme.