Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eastern US, Canada the One Cold Spot on the Warm Global Map

NOAA has put up its temperature data for the continental US for March: 40.51°F. (Yes, °F and not °C. Sigh.)

That's cold -- 0.99°F below the 1901-2000 mean, and a frigid 2.49°F below the 1980-2010 mean.

It's the 4th-coldest January-March since their record started in 1895. (The meteorological winter, Dec-Feb, was only the 47th-coldest, though.)

But eastern North America is the only noticeable cold spot on the global map for March, from GISS:

So keep that in mind when people say it's been extremely cold in Witches Teat, Wisconsin and the Great Lakes won't thaw out until Labor Day. In Siberia they're already fighting forest fires. In April. In Siberia.

Here is Oregon it was the 17th-warmest March, and 12th-wettest.

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