Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Maybe CO2 is a Harmless Trace Gas

The HadCRUT4 anomaly for February is very low: +0.299°C relative to their baseline of 1961-1990.

That's the lowest February anomaly since the end of the Plantagenet dynasty  Mark Steyn was in knickers  the moon landing was faked 2012.

The 15-year change is +0.11°C, but the error bar reaches halfway to Jupiter and the confidence level is only 1099-99%. Anyway, the climate system is chaotic, it often goes in more than one direction at once, and it probably loops back on itself like a stadium wave coiled snake Cuisinart blender.

Let's face it: climate is one nasty mofo.

The hockey stick is looking more and more like a lacrosse stick. Or maybe a ping pong paddle. And I don't mean one of those nice padded Chinese paddles that lets you put all kind of clever spin on the ball, I mean a hard, pimpled American racket like you had in your basement, scuffed all around the edge with the handle held on by duct tape.

As Richard Feynman said, science is the belief we should ignore all the experts, and it may be time to give up on the CO2 charade and find another agent for worldwide control.

Perhaps velcro? (I doubt they'd fall for oxygen).

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Jim said...

Thank you for a delightful 1April post. Très amusant toujours!