Friday, April 11, 2014

GISS: 4th-warmest March

GISS found March to be the 4th-warmest March in their records, with an anomaly of +0.70°C, and the 25-warmest month overall, out of 1,611 months (134.25 years) since 1850.

Their 30-year trend remains at 0.17°C/decade, and their 15-year trend at 0.09°C/decade.

In the Northern Hemisphere is was the 3rd-warmest March, and 8th-warmest month since 1850, at +1.09°C. Yes, the Northern Hemisphere is seeing anomalies above +1°C. (The first occurred only in 1995.)

The Southern Hemisphere was only the 20-warmest March, at +0.30°C, and the 266th-warmest month there, again out of 1,611 months.

Maybe someday we will all end up moving to the Southern Hemisphere to escape climate change. At present the Northern Hemisphere has 3.9 times the population density of the Southern Hemisphere.

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