Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dave @ Curryblog is Starting to Get It

Global_Coal_Usage.PNGMaybe there is hope for Judith Curry's blog after all.

A guest post by someone named "Dave Rutledge" says:
Without the threat of coal, the IPCC could close up shop and the research program funding would drop to a small fraction of what is spent on research in weather forecasting.
They're finally starting to get it! -- coal is a major part of the global warming problem.

It's not 100% of the problem, by any means -- we will need to reduce emissions in other sectors, like transportation -- and we will probably always need an IPCC-like group of experts to monitor climate and envision the best path forward.

But the sooner we eliminate coal, the better.


@whut said...

Dave Rutledge is one of two professors from CalTech who have delved deeply into the issues of fossil fuel depletion. The other is the famed condensed-matter physicist David Goodstein, who has written books such as Out of Gas and The End of Oil -- besides writing on the "Lost Lecture" of the skeptics favorite quote-horse Richard Feynman.

Talk about scoring own goals, Curry hasn't a clue who she is dealing with.

charlesH said...

Well duh,

If one is truly concerned about co2 then it is obvious transitioning from coal is the "low hanging fruit".

Thus Dr. James Hansen's support for nuclear energy and in particular, LFTR et al types that the Chinese are working on.

France has shown us how to do it. Germany has shown us how not to do it.