Thursday, May 01, 2014

CO2eq Has Jumped to 479 ppm

CDIAC -- which sounds like a disease, but is just NOAA's Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center -- just put up numbers for 2013 radiative forcings from all the greenhouse gases.

Total GHG radiative forcing -- absent water vapor, of course -- changed by 0.044 W/m2, the largest jump since 1998.

The "equivalent" level of CO2 -- that is, the level of CO2 that would give the raditive forcing of all the manmade GHGs up there -- is now 479 ppmv -- as opposed to its 2013 average of whatever value gives a radiative forcing of 1.884 W/m2 -- about 399 W/m2.

The CFC brothers, 11 and 12, continue to decrease, while methane and laughing gas continue apace.

Compared to 1990, raditive forcing is now 1.34 times larger.

Its annual increase was also the largest since 1998. Clearly that El Nino put a lot of extra CO2 into the air, as if someone left the ocean out like an open can of Coke to go flat. I suppose this year's will too.

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