Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Webcast Tomorrow on "Re-thinking Climate Denialism"

Tomorrow from the Yale Climate Connections (the new name of the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media), a webcast
“Re-thinking Climate ‘Denialism’”
May 15, 2014, 2:30pm EDT, 11:30am PDT

featuring political scientist and climate change policy expert David G. Victor of the University of California at San Diego, hosted by Bruce Lieberman.

You can access the webcast by Google+ or YouTube, and offer questions by email to .

Here's a piece about Victor's views, from the Yale Forum in March. It begins:
“Bizarre and threatening” is the term U.C. San Diego political science professor David G. Victor uses to describe how many in the climate science community view what some call climate “denialism.”

But Victor thinks a big part of the problem involves just how scientists and their supporters approach the subject — beginning with the use of the term “denialism.”

“If you really want to understand what motivates these people and what motivates the captains of industry and voters who listen to them,” says Victor, “stop calling them denialists.”

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