Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chance of Strong El Nino Declining

That's what Tony Barnston of Columbia University's International Research Institute on Climate and Society says -- the El Nino is developing right now, but could be of more moderate strength. He finds a probability it could die (like in 2012) of 25%:

May 2014 Climate Briefing Highlights, with Tony Barnston from IRI on Vimeo.

Here is their map of sea-surface temperatures, and below is the Nino3.4 sea-surface temperature anomaly updated for this week, compared to two recent El Ninos; you can see it has been having its own little hiatus, and took a dip down this week:

Via Andrew Revkin on Twitter.

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Unknown said...

Great update. Global temperatures are clearly an important part of the public perception. This year has started very warm despite being under the influence of mostly ENSO neutral conditions.