Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Mark Callahan, Oregon Candidate for Goofball

An update on the Republican candidate for Oregon Senate, Mark Callahan, who recently got kicked out of a Williamette Week query of the candidates.

Callahan, you'll recall, called climate change a "myth." And, let's note, he still hasn't clarified his stance on the Easter bunny.

It turns out that this guy has been all over the map. While he now says he's a "cut from the same cloth" as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, he earlier ran for office as a Democrat and as a Pacific Green Party member.

That's a lot of positions for one lifetime. Here is his current platform, straight out of Alabama. Either he was lying earlier about his philosophy, or he's lying now, or he's one very mixed-up guy.

Oh yeah, he's also run for President. Because, of course he has.

Callahan got to go on Fox and whine about WW, accusing the paper of being "very controlling" and "basically trying to manhandle us Republicans."

"Manhandle." After he tried to manhandle a Pullitzer Prize-winning reporter by telling him what should and shouldn't be in his notes.
Mark Zusman, the editor of the paper, told TPM on Monday that he hasn't been shy in the past about throwing people out of endorsement interviews, including Democrats. Zusman said that Callahan wasn't a serious candidate, and that he had gotten upset after Zusman had pressed him early in the interview. Zusman admitted that his reporter's question about the Easter Bunny hadn't been respectful, but he said Callahan had gotten to the point where he was wasting the paper's time.

"He's absolutely correct that we weren't giving him equal time," Zusman said. "This race is one of the more intriguing in Oregon because you've got two very interesting and well-funded candidates in Monica Wehby and Jason Conger, who are seeking to run against [incumbent Sen.] Jeff Merkeley [D-OR]. ... So really our focus was trying to get at which of these two do we think ought to get our endorsement."

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